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Crisis Communication Training

Crisis Preparation Training

When crisis occurs, you need to have a plan.  You need to be able to effectively communicate with your employees, internal and external stakeholders, government officials, and the general public.  Optedia’s crisis preparation training will help you design, plan, and implement crisis plans.


Media & Spokesperson Training

Before you go on the air, make sure you prepare. Optedia offers training to help people who will be on television, or even just answering written questions from the media. The best way to project confidence is to thoroughly prepare yourself and stay on point. Greg has worked with a number of different people to prepare them for interviews on Meet the Press, 60 Minutes, and more. 


Whether you are running a political campaign or an ad campaign, messaging, theme, and tone are extremely important for your long-term success. Optedia offers campaign communication services to help individuals and organizations find their voice, and market themselves in the most effective manner that is in line with their brand identity. 


Executives have the difficult task of filling a wide variety of roles within their company.  Our executive coaching program offers the opportunity to work an experienced executive coach who can offer expertise in areas which may be lacking.  This helps minimize risk and threats to the company, expedite decision making, and fill gaps in specific knowledge and skill areas. 

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Media training and crisis management are tailored specifically to your unique business and situations.  During your discovery call, we will assess your needs and provide a recommendation and quotation for services.

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