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The ability to concisely relay a specific idea or message is a highly desirable skill and one that requires dedication and practice to learn. In the business world, a spokesperson must not only clearly articulate a message, but they must also do so with power and confidence in order to build trust with their audience.

Optedia offers media training to help spokespeople gain the skills they need to succeed in the public speaking arena. 

No matter what your background or experience level, you can learn how to deliver your message effectively, comfortably, and dynamically through Optedia unique and training program.  

Our Media & Spokesperson Training will teach you to:

Optedia Training


Optedia can help you prepare for being a spokesperson, or for a singular media appearance or interview so that you can project a strong, solid media presence at all times. The Optedia team has over two decades of experience working with people, organizations, businesses, groups, and candidates for public office to get them ready for their media appearances. They have worked with people getting ready to go on illustrious news programs such as 60 Minutes and Meet the Press, and created media training programs that have been awarded on the national level for organizations such as the EPA. 

Optedia offers a four-prong approach to public speaking and media appearances:

  1. State your point.
  2. Support your point with facts, data, and all other relevant material.
  3. Illustrate your point. 
  4. Stay Calm under pressure.

Optedia can teach you how to speak confidently and powerfully, and to build trust with your audience. The best way to gain confidence in your public speaking ability is to prepare. Media Presences has never been more important than it is today in the era of the 24/7 news cycle. Optedia has decades of experience working at the highest leves of media and communications.

Optedia helps spokespeople learn the skills they need to effectively communicate a company or brand message both on and off the camera.

State your point
  • Learn how to pinpoint a singular message for any situation
  • Tips to get your point across in a comfortable, yet powerful way
support with facts
  • Prepare to support your message with facts and data
  • Discover simple yet powerful ways to present that data
  • Build supporting arguments and stick to them


illustrate your point
  • Discover the art of storytelling as a means of illustration
  • Learn how to engage and captivate your audience while making your point
stay calm under pressure
  • Learn the secrets of remaining calm under pressure
  • Practice for press conferences and reporter questioning
  • Find your comfort zone and stay there

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