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Optedia knows Crisis
Crises often come without warning. When crises strike, preparation is the most effective way to deal with unexpected issues.  Unfortunately, management is not always prepared when it hits the fan. Optedia has, collectively, over 5 decades of combined experience in coaching and guiding businesses through crisis situations. Our expert team will develop a clear action plan for implementing a response, press-statements and fast track spokespersons training for press conferences through varied media outlets. Whether you are proactively preparing for a potential crisis situation or in need of immediate assistance, Optedia will provide quick solutions and training. Read on to learn more about our crisis preparation training.  For immediate assistance please click the button below:

Our Crisis Preparation Training Includes:


Public Relations and Crisis Management

When it comes to managing crises, Optedia offers our clients a number of different tools to help them handle whatever comes their way.  We offer a comprehensive training program that helps leaders and organizations develop their Crisis Management Plan. Our programs include each of the steps listed above including crisis team development, spokesperson training, creating pre-drafted messages, and identifying crisis communication channels.  Comm training includes how to best convey information regarding an ongoing crisis, and how to project a calm, measured demeanor while dealing with an ever-evolving crisis situation. 

Oftentimes, poor communication or lack of a unified communication strategy can increase the panic and deepen the crisis. Learn how to speak with one voice and use prepared statements to act quickly. 

Now is the time to prepare yourself. Crises are inevitable and when it comes time to communicate with stockholders, employees, or the general public your company needs to be ready with a clear plan.

The Optedia team has nearly three decades of crisis communications experience under their belts. They have worked with major corporations and helped design the communications strategy used by Exxon and Mobil when they agreed to merge into one company. You need a measured, and experienced communicator to prepare you for a crisis or help you get through an ongoing crisis. 

A serious crisis can do untold amounts of damage to your business, organization, or campaign. Deftly handling and communicating during these strenuous periods is essential. Optedia’s experienced communications experts will personally train you in order to ensure that you can effectively communicate during a crisis. They will also help you create and implement a disaster plan so that you are prepared to act when the next crisis strikes. If you are currently in the middle of a crisis, Optedia can help you take the appropriate steps to calm the crisis down and work through the aftermath on your return to normal operations.

Optedia offers single and multi-day trainings in crisis preparation to prepare your business and brand for the unexpected.

Optedia knows crisis

There are four steps to Optedia's Crisis Preparation Training:

Structuring and Training your Crisis management Team

Create your crisis management team through careful planning and participate in mock press conferences and other exercises in crisis.

Identifing a Spokesperson and preparing them for action

After you’ve identified your spokesperson, get them the exact skills they need for on and off camera statements. Learn about the need to speak with one voice.

Creating Pre-Drafted Messages and Templates

Create templates to be used in the event of a crisis. Learn how to form holding statements and fill-in the blanks statements.

Identifing your Crisis Communication Channels

Be prepared with an alternate channel other than your website. Learn how to use social media and other channels to communicate with the public.

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