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Crises come in a myriad of forms.  Some crises present on a large-scale and can immediately have an effect on your company’s image as well as its bottom line.  These include events such as criminal allegations, environmental disasters, safety incidents, product incidents, manufacturing or transportation accidents, data breaches, financial mismanagement and other catastrophic events.

But crises can also come in a more subtle form.  Small scale incidents such as customer interactions, social media posts or comments, unpopular management decisions, and other seemingly inconsequential events can have far-reaching and long-lasting repercussions if they aren’t handled properly.

Optedia has, collectively, over 5 decades of combined experience in coaching and guiding businesses through crisis situations.

Our expert team will quickly develop a clear action plan for implementing an immediate crisis response, press-statements, and social media statements.  We can offer fast-tracked spokesperson training to get your staff member(s) quickly up to par on presenting these statements on and off-camera.  We also have our own team of seasoned spokespersons who can quickly deploy to any location to handle press conferences or media appearances on your behalf.

Read on to learn more about our crisis management strategy.

Our Crisis Management & Brand Protection Consulting Includes:


Public Relations and Crisis Management

Optedia divides its crisis management into three phases: Initial Response, Reputation Repair, and Post Crisis. All three phases together provide a comprehensive crisis response plan.

Your initial crisis response needs to be swift, concise, and, most importantly, it needs to focus on the big picture of long-term brand protection over short-term profit.  In many cases, denying culpability for an incident, accident, criminal investigation, or other negative event can cause more problems and be more costly to your company than accepting responsibility, even if that acceptance means you must pay fines, plead guilty, pay for damages or cleanup services, or commit to some other form of financial, physical or emotional reparation.  It is critical to develop your response plan in conjunction with industry experts so that you can weigh the cost-benefits of all options quickly as the issue is unfolding and that you can be assured you are taking the right course of action.  It can be difficult to take an objective view without this professional third-party consultation.  Mistakes made during these initial responses can be costly in terms of finance and reputation damages for years to come.  Optedia’s team has well over 5 decades of combined experience in dealing with initial crisis response. Our team can help you swiftly and thoroughly weigh the options before you.  Our experts can often provide a perspective or option that you may not have known existed. Once you’ve made the choice, Optedia provides the roadmap for implementing your initial response. 

Reputation Repair is the second phase of crisis managment.  This involves the use of social listening tools and the development and deployment of your social response matrix.  It is imperative that you learn what the public is saying about your brand and that you respond with confidence and reassurance.  Even the most stable and trustworthy brands can require reputation repair after an incident.  How you respond as a company throughout the initial response and during the after math can make a crucial difference in how the public sees you for years to come.  Optedia can help you get up-to-the minute data through software designed to  monitor a variety of channels.  We then analyze that data in real-time and create actionable insights for you to combat negative reputation communications, and to perpetuate positive ones.  Diligence and compassionate action here is the key to repairing your reputation. 

The final phase of our crisis management and brand protection service is the post-crisis phase. Post-crisis involves a deep dive into the crisis experience, initial response reputation repair actions, and examining residual fallout or consequences of the event.  This phase also includes the development of a plan for future. Planning future actions might involve specific things like restructuring logistics or crisis team roles to make matters run more smoothly; planning future press, web, and social media statements; and creating proactive reputation repair campaigns to deal with residual issues that are still lingering. Optedia will facilitate a post-crisis debrief with your team and help you develop your next steps and plans for the future of your brand.

Optedia offers immediate professional help to mitigate damage posed by current and impending threats to your brand or company image.

Optedia knows crisis

There are three steps to Optedia's Crisis Management & Brand Protection Plans:

Initial Response
  • Assemble your crisis team
  • Establish response and escalation protocols
  • Initiate internal logistics planning
  • Fast track training for spokespeople
  • Unify and send a message to internal and external stakeholders
  • Unify and send a message to the public
Reputation Repair
  • Create a response matrix across social media channels
  • Continue sending uniform messages across all comms channels
  • Monitor brand mentions and other reputation matters through software
  • Respond accordingly and proactively to individual and large scale mentions/ communications including viral media
Post Crisis
  • Debrief crisis response
  • Identify initial threat levels and if/ when they were missed
  • Discuss efficacy of response mechanisms 
  • Plan for future crisis
  • Set-up future threat monitoring
  • Define continued reputation mitigation efforts

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