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Campaign Communications and Branding for Success

Optedia understands Messaging

Getting the message right is essential to every campaign.  Modern campaigns tell a story, enabling a connection with an audience. In the digital age, communications move at hyper speed.

Campaign communications, branding, and message, are critical in your success.

Optedia’s campaign communications service enables strategic planning of a campaign theme and message, with the addition of ongoing support. Ensuring your campaign message resonates.

Our Campaign Management Strategy Includes:

Optedia Services

Campaign Communications Management

When you choose Optedia, you receive skilled communicators with years of experience. Optedia has worked on many political campaigns for both Democrats and Republicans; they have helped the USDA and the EPA design campaigns, and helped Exxon and Mobil communicate their mega-merger. 

Effectively communicating your message while capturing your audience’s imagination is a highly specialized skill that takes years of experience to gain. Optedia can help you do just that and plan a campaign that will show you results. When you’ve made the decision to run for public office, Optedia is here to help. 

Optedia helps clients get elected with focused campaign messaging, communication management, media skills training, and ongoing consultation and support.

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Slogan & Messaging
  • Professional help in identifying your unique campaign message
  • Slogan writing assistance from our expert branding & marketing team
  • Specific plan for implementing your new campaign strategy
Media Skills Training
  • Preparation for on and off-camera appearances
  • How to handle Press conferences
  • Reporter questioning practice and drills
  • Formal Debate practice and drills


Communications Support
  • Branding your comms channels
  • Written and digital messaging 
  • Press statements and announcements
  • Presenting a unified message across all fronts
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Ongoing Consultation
  • 24/7 consulting
  • Real time insight and analysis. 
  • Skilled at crisis situation handling and management
  • Support throughout your campaign

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Campaign Communication Training can be tailored specifically to your unique business and situations.  During your discovery call, we will assess your needs and provide a recommendation and quotation for services.

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