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Optedia is a full service public relations and communications firm providing optimized business solutions. Optedia is specialized in the handling of Catastrophic and crisis situations like the current COVID-19 pandemic.

In this day and age, media management, public relations, and the very important skill of public speaking have never been more important. Optedia was created to help businesses, organizations, and campaigns succeed in a fast paced world with a 24/7 news cycle.  Offering both training and consulting services, Optedia is the company to call when you have a media crisis or if you just want to prepare for the future and train yourself and your team in effective media management.

The Optedia team brings decades of experience in the business and PR worlds.  Optedia is a public relations firm for the modern world.

Optedia helps clients navigate the complicated, ever-shifting landscape of modern media through real-time consulting &  skills-based trainings.


Optedia’s vision remains steadfast as a unique and instrumental partner in successful business development and resolving crisis situations.


Optedia’s mission is to provide optimized media and crisis solutions for empowering better business.  


We achieve our mission by providing professional consulting services for businesses, brands, and campaigns; organizational development workshops for teams; and skills based trainings for individuals and executives. 

Even though the world and media market are rapidly changing, some things never change.

Optedia is focused on helping clients navigate the complicated, ever-shifting landscape of modern media while continuing to train and teach them useful public speaking and presentation skills that can be used in every phase of their lives.

When you need help preparing for a big presentation, an interview, a crisis, or just need help effectively communicating, Optedia has the right combination of experience, skill, and modern media knowledge to help you get where you there. 

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Media training and crisis management are tailored specifically to your unique business and situations.  During your discovery call, we will assess your needs and provide a recommendation and quotation for services.

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